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A personal trainer is a fitness professional involved in exercise instruction. They motivate clients by setting goals and providing feedback and accountability to clients. Trainers also measure their client’s strengths and weaknesses with fitness assessments. These fitness assessments may also be performed before and after an exercise program to measure their client’s improvements in physical fitness. They may also educate their clients in many other aspects of wellness besides exercise, including general health and nutrition guidelines. Qualified personal trainers recognize their own areas of expertise. If a trainer suspects that one of his or her clients has a medical condition that could prevent the client from safe participation in an exercise program, they must refer the client to the proper health professional for prior clearance.

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A letter from a client

The holidays can be challenging for everyone. I received this email from a client over the weekend. I have been given her permission to post in case some of you might be struggling with the same issue. Maybe this will help YOU too. (I have protected her identity.)

Dear Amanda,

I do not know what to do. I’ve been eating like crap for three weeks now and I’ve gained 5 lbs. I know I have control over what food I put in my mouth but I’m in this sweet cycle that I can’t seem to stop. How do I stop this cycle? I tell myself each day that I will not eat a ton of cookies and candy. But by the end of the day I lose my will power.

I threw out all the cookies and candy. I thought that was a wise move, but then I started eating the chocolate chips I had in the cabinet…???

I am totally depressed and having negative thoughts like, “Just throw in the towel. It’s easier to be fat.” I’m so afraid I’m in a downward spiral and going to gain back the weight I’ve lost.

I still have to get through New Years.

How do I stop this cycle?


Tears after Too Much Chocolate

Oh, Tears… DON’T throw in the towel. You are stronger than this. This is just a temporary glitch… merely a bump in the road… a few small rocks kicked off the edge of the cliff… you’re not jumping and you’re not going to.

Sugar is as addictive (and there is evidence to suggest that it’s even MORE addictive) than cocaine. It’s an icky, evil thing. And when we go thru a sugar season like this, it’s normal to have a bit of a relapse.

Stop. Take a breath. Realize that you’re human and normal. Decide that you want to take your power and control back. Do it.

I know, I know… “easier said than done”… sometimes it can be simple though. Sometimes it’s just a matter of paying attention to what we’re doing and trying to figure out the “why”.

This is a food journal template I use with my wellness coaching clients. Don’t worry – you don’t have to do it all the time BUT I have found (and my clients will concur) that after a few days of doing this it almost becomes rote. You start to pay attention to what you’re eating, how you feel about it and why without even having to write it down. Give it a try and see if that helps

Food Journal Template:

  • Day/Time:
  • What I ate:
  • Size of portion:
  • Mood before eating:
  • Mood after eating:
  • Do I feel satisfied?

Try to up your protein intake. Try to eat a protein whenever you eat a carb. Try to lay off the sugar. Try to find a substitute that will still satisfy that need for that sweetness.

It’s frustrating, I know. It’s going to get better.


Don’t panic! It’s just a buffet…

Tonight I received an email from a client. She was in a panic. She had looked at her calendar for tomorrow and she had TWO professional meals scheduled. A buffet breakfast event AND a buffet lunch event. WHAT WAS SHE GOING TO DO?? HOW WAS SHE GOING TO ATTEMPT TO TRACK HER CALORIES????

Stop. Take a breath. Step away from the skirted table and let’s think about this for a moment.

There are both good aspects and not-so-great aspects to buffets. Good in that you can choose what you put on your plate. Not-so-great in that usually the options are limited and on the cheaper, lesser-quality/higher-quantity side.

Here are some tips that might help you to make wiser choices as you saunter down the chow line. We’ll start with breakfast:

  • Beware of the breads and muffins! Even a tiny blueberry mini-muffin can have as many as 180 calories and 18 grams of sugar. (And that’s for the MINI muffin.) Other muffins aren’t excused from the “no-no” list either. Bran raisin muffins can have as many as 200 calories and 18 – 20 grams of sugar. You’ll just have a plain bagel then? Mark yourself down for about 260 calories (without anything on it). If you must have a bread item, go for a piece of wheat bread which, depending on the bread, can log 70 – 100 calories per slice.
  • Proteins will keep you feeling fuller longer. Scrambled eggs are usually a breakfast buffet staple. You can count on about 365 calories for one cup of scrambled eggs (which is about 3 – 4 eggs depending upon the size of egg used). Buffets are infamous for GIANT serving spoons so be careful when you scoop.
  • Don’t forget about the pig! Bacon and sausage are also easy finds on most breakfast buffets. You can usually count on one slice of bacon being close to 100 calories (based on brand and preparation) so you can use that as a guideline. You can also usually count on sausage links being around the same (80 – 100 calories per link) depending upon the brand. A sausage patty can be twice the calories, coming in at around 210 per patty (again, based on the brand and preparation).
  • Fried potatoes are not your friend. Are there hash browns or any other fried potato on the table? If so, think twice before putting some on your plate. There are about 180 calories in a half cup of hash browns (not to mention 3.5 grams of saturated fat).
  • Skip the OJ. There are 112 calories and an astounding 20 grams of sugar in one cup of orange juice. Stick to water or coffee or tea.

You’ve made it through breakfast unscathed. Pat yourself on the back and smile! Keep your thoughts positive and your confidence high so you can make it through lunch.

Lunch buffets can be more tricky to traverse. There are SO many different options. Pastas, gravy-laden meats, “salads” that are not salads, and even the vegetables can be drowning in cheese sauces or butter. HELP!

  • Veggies to the rescue! Try to fill your plate with as many clean vegetables (green salads and non-cheesy/non-buttered steamed veggies) as possible.
  • Salad dressing isn’t a freebie. Keep in mind that most salad dressings range in calorie count from 25 – 75 calories per TABLESPOON. Make sure you can actually see that there are green vegetables under the layers of white Ranch dressing.
  • Grab some protein!  (Minus any gravy or sauces.) Attempt to keep your protein portion to the size of a deck of cards.
  • Do your best to steer clear of white anything. No white breads, white potatoes, white pasta, etc). Go for whole grains.
  • Water is (almost) always the best option. Believe it or not, diet sodas can actually trigger your desire for more sugar-filled foods. If you need flavor, sip on some ice tea or stash some of that fancy water flavor liquid in your bag. (So what if no one else has a pink drink at the table.)

After it’s all said and done, you’ve made it through the day without sabotaging the hard work you’ve been putting in. You can stand tall and proud. You can look yourself in the mirror and say “Self! You ROCKED it today!” And no matter what anyone might say, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with high-fiving a mirror… but if you do it at work, maybe wipe the hand print after you’re done. 😉

A Custom Frame Job

Let’s say you have just received this amazing work of art as a gift. Let’s say it’s a painting that was done by your 5-year-old niece whom you completely adore. Her color choices are profound and her imagination proves compelling as you stare at the lines and squiggles that bring a broad smile to your face. Or maybe it’s a beautiful portrait of your family. A breathtaking black and white photograph that was years in the making. It took months to coordinate everyone’s schedules to come together. It was the perfect day with the perfect light and the perfect photographer. It was perfect. Amazing pieces of art that must be protected. And so you find the perfect frame.

The perfect custom frame job.

There are multiple definitions of the word “frame.” The noun is defined as a border or case for enclosing a picture, mirror, etc. and a rigid structure formed of relatively slender pieces, joined so as to surround sizable empty spaces or nonstructural panels, and generally used as a major support in building or engineering works, machinery, furniture, etc. The verb is to form or make, as by fitting and uniting parts together; or to contrive, devise, or compose, as a plan, law, or poem; or (my favorite) to conceive or imagine, as an idea. Then there is what is called the “Archaic” definition which is to prepare, attempt, give promise, or manage to do something. This is where we begin with our custom frame job… of our day.

The Blank Canvas
Every day we are given a blank canvas upon which we can create our day’s masterpiece. With textures and tones and hues that bring joy to ourselves and to those around us. With every action, another line is drawn. With every spoken word, another splash of color. With every smile or hug or kiss, another brush stroke becomes visible brilliance.

The Paint
Some of the most gorgeous work is a direct result of taking care of ourselves. By fueling our bodies with foods that are all of the colors that are reflected on our canvas. Greens and reds and yellows. The lush and vibrant colors that only nature can provide. By working our bodies with walking or running or dancing. Filling our lungs with clean air and bring a rosiness to our cheeks that could rival the pink of the pinkest gardenia in the garden.

Taking action at the start of the day frames the rest of the day. If you begin your day with a smile as the alarm goes off (rather than a grunt, a sigh and a smack of the snooze button)… If you rise and quickly dress and lace up your athletic shoes to go for a brisk morning walk as you hit the power button on the coffee machine (rather than jump on the computer to find out what happened on Facebook while you were asleep)… If you sit for 10 minutes and eat a healthy breakfast (rather than grabbing a donut at the morning meeting or having nothing at all)… If you begin your masterpiece as soon as possible, you have prepared the canvas for more and more and more beautiful images throughout the day.

The Breakfast Portrait
A panel discussion during the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) 2012 Annual Meeting & Food Expo disclosed that research exists that shows about 18 percent of Americans older than age 2 regularly skip breakfast and, because of this, are missing out on key nutrients. While those who eat breakfast tend to get about 17 percent of their daily calories from breakfast as well as a significant portion of their daily recommend intake of several key nutrients, such as Vitamin D (58 percent), Vitamin B12 (42 percent) and Vitamin A (41 percent). Further, studies show that those who skip breakfast tend to consume 40 percent more sweets, 55 percent more soft drinks, 45 percent fewer vegetables and 30 percent less fruit than people who eat breakfast. (Source: Science Daily, 2012).

The Morning Exercise Mosaic
One study of overweight women between the ages of 50 to 75 showed that those who engaged in consistent morning exercise (about four hours a week) slept better than those who exercised less. The evening exercisers had more trouble falling asleep – even if they fit in the four hours a week. Cedric Bryant, PhD and chief exercise physiologist of the American Council on Exercise, explains that it is possible that by exercising in the morning — instead of evening – the exercise affects the body’s circadian rhythm (your internal body clock) so you get better-quality sleep. Good sleep helps control the hormonal balance that helps control appetite. (Source: WebMD)

We, ourselves are unique, priceless, irreplaceable works of art. We are on display daily to those around us – our family, our coworkers, our friends. We can be bold. We can be majestic. We can be stunning. We can be anything. We need to value ourselves. We need to recognize our beauty.

Every day it’s up to you to paint a masterpiece… and every day it’s up to you to also design that perfect custom frame job to protect that heart-stirring work of art.